v1c5: A common point

   “Choukiken? What’s that?” No, it’s not Choukiken, it’s Kyouchiken. I immediately corrected her, but the girl sitting next to me didn’t seem to get it at all as she lazily replied with a quick “Huh...” “I’m talking about Kyouchiken… the local geography research club.” “Eh… I’ve never heard of it before, you know? Is there really a club like that at our school?” “Yes, there is. In fact, I used to be a member of that club.” When we first started school, our entire grade was gathered in the gym where the school held the “Club Activities Introduction”. She should’ve been informed of what each club does, but… It looks like none of it stuck in her head. It was Wednesday night, on the way home from prep school. He was sitting down on a long seat, and this week too, his classmate from school, Ema Kitaoka, was sitting right next to him. Somehow, it had become a weekly tradition for the two of them to go home together after prep school. 【TLN: Long seats are like those seats in MRTs.】 The trai
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